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Classic Car Club of America Judges Handbook & Rules

The objective of the Judging Rules is to provide the most uniform judging possible. The first Judging Manual was developed in February of 1986, at the request of the CCCA membership and Board of Directors, to upgrade the quality of our overall judging performance and to render a greater opportunity for CCCA members to participate in the judging procedure.



The historical background of the initial project started a number of years ago when we received complaints concerning the wide range of judging scores recorded within the same judging team. Various Regions also had difficulty in getting enough qualified judges for Grand Classics and Annual Meetings. An analysis of these scores revealed that the judges had made honest errors or had been too lenient or severe in their scoring.

It was quite apparent more comprehensive guidelines than we publish in our CCCA Handbook and Membership Roster were needed to improve consistency in judging. The introduction of the statistically sound technique of eliminating the high and low scores and averaging the remaining two of a four man judging team was made to eliminate wild judging. While this technique stabilized scoring, it did nothing to improve our ability to more accurately judge our Classics. All CCCA Regions were polled on what their membership felt we should aim for in a revised Judging Procedure. We also studied the judging procedures of other leading automobile clubs.

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While not all possible contingencies can be covered here, the most frequently encountered judging situations are discussed. The CCCA system uses four independent judges, called a Judging Team, headed by a Team Leader, to judge each CCCA Classic. Each judge is requested and is expected to judge independently, speaking to no one about the score he/she should give any item or category. Exhibitors are to be present when their cars are being judged and operate the engine, horns, lights, etc., but Judges are to refrain from discussions with them.

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